Mindi Grewell


Mindi Grewell is 4th year undergraduate from Cleveland, Ohio. She is graduating from the University of Kentucky in May 2014 with a B.A. in Psychology and a Communications minor, with a focus in Human Relations and Resources. Her current interests broadly include Social Psychology and Industrial/Organizational(I/O) Psychology. Her research is focused on mostly religion and morality, but she is also interested in the views of atheists and agnostics, and evolutionary and cultural influences on various religious beliefs. This is her 2nd semester in the BAM lab.

Following graduation, she is interested in continuing her education by obtaining a M.A. in I/O PsychologyBeforehand, she is looking forward to taking a year offto work as a traveling Educational Leadership Consultant for Alpha Phi International Fraternity.

She enjoys Kentucky basketball, staying in shape, reading, traveling, snowboarding, going to local bars with friendsan occasional Netflix binge, and family beach vacations. She is also highly involved in a few other on- and off-campus organizations.